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Do you want high-quality links at a much lower cost?

Do you want customised outreach and the ability to review the links before you place an order?

Do you want access to the email address and name of the webmaster you buy from so you can build your database of links?

Do you want to decide on the exact position of your links (not just on domain level)?

Why Dedicated Vs Buying Links? 

Build Relationship

Purchase directly from the webmaster and build a relationship

Cost Effective

Fixed rate, no matter the metrics and we negotiate for the best price

Quality Assurance

Review the quality of the website before placing an order

How Does It Work?


Give us your competitor URL, keywords and niche.

We’ll reverse engineer your competitor backlink, filter by stats and start contacting them.

Once they replied, we’ll show you their site, metrics, stats and price. (We call this Opportunity)

If you agreed with it, tell us how you want the placement to be.

We’ll proceed to negotiate for the best price and get you the links.

You make payment directly to the webmaster.

What Metrics are We Looking For


DR 25+

RD 100+

Traffic 1000+

These are the minimum metrics we work with to filter out low-quality links.
This does not mean that the sites we find will be DR 25; we have many sites that are way over the metrics.
The rule of thumb is that we’ll never recommend you a website that we’ll not get for our own sites.


Frequently Asked Questions

Opportunities = Once the webmaster replies and their metrics pass our requirements.

For example, in the bronze package, we’ll aim to get at least 10 Opportunities for you per month base on your competitor. 

There is a mix of both. However we’ll aim to get link insertions as it is much cost-effective and there is no cost involved on content creation. We insert it on the most recent related post to ensure freshness. 

Yes, it’s preferred you provide the content. However, we can write it for you at a fee if you’d like.

We’ll continue to work without any additional fee until you get the agreed opportunities and placement. 

Yes, we will definitely filter out your existing backlinks. Kindly send us a list of backlinks that you own and we will make sure that there will not be any duplicates. However, if you have an extensive list, you might be required to upgrade to the gold package due to the level of difficulty for finding unique quality links and filtering out duplicates.

You will need to review the sites, select the page that you want to insert your link on or provide the content if it is a guest post and make payment directly to the webmaster via PayPal.

Depending how close sites niche are. We work base off competitor backlink / keywords. We do not limit which website you wish to link to. However each package is only dedicated for one niche. For example if your keywords is “Vitamin C Serum” , we will find related links which you can link to your other “beauty” site, but you can’t use those site to link to your “gadget review” website. You will eventually have access to the webmasters’ emails and prices which you can use for your other sites that are in the same niche. 

Yes, you are welcomed to send us as many competitors’ URLs as you like. We will go through every one of them thoroughly.

Most webmasters uphold their promises to keep the links there forever however, if they decide to remove the links, we can e-mail them to add the links back, or you can always file a PayPal dispute. 

Our average links cost is around $40 – USD 100 per placement, depending on the metrics.

We communicate via Asana to handle all the incoming data effectively, making our work-flow more seamless and efficient.

No, the cost only covers our research time, sourcing for webmasters’ emails, follow ups and negotiations to get the best deals for you.

We currently do not accept Gambling, Adults and Pharma drugs. Getting links for these niches are really tough and requires a tremendous amount of time and effort.

If you are not satisfied with the opportunities that we have provided, feel free to let our team know. We will customize better and unique opportunities for you. However, do take note that the initial opportunities that we had provided are based on the competitors’ URLs that you gave. In order to source for really unique ones, please provide competitors’ URLs that have impressive link profiles.

No, we only accept English websites currently.